An inside look at endorsements

I don’t agree with Craig Westover all that often, but I sure admire his logic and ability to reason and make a relatively emotion-free case for whatever cause he has.

In that context, I think he does as good a job at sizing up the state of politics in the 6th District wrt endorsements, as anything I’ve read so far.

I’ve never worked at a newspaper — not being particularly gifted enough in the journalism department — so it was interesting to hear his references to how editorials are written.

I just assumed whoever the biggest, meanest, highest-ranking editor is gets to decide and write it. He makes it sound like the journalism version of the Supreme Court.

And I think the above link is the dissenting view from the minority.

I don’t get the Pioneer Press anymore. Despite their ability to get the paper on the top step, I can’t stand entertainment news in the A section. It’s … just… creepy. So I didn’t know they had come out with their endorsement.

Fortunately, there’s this cool thing called the Internet, and you can find the endorsement by following the tubes.

Speaking of the Pioneer Press, check out Tim Nelson’s fine analysis of voting patterns in St. Paul for national vs. off-year elections. It’s at City Hall Scoop.

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