5th District debate audio

It took longer than we had planned, but I think we’ve finally cobbled together the audio of last night’s 5th District debate.

Poor Brandt Williams! He covered the debate, banged out his story by about 1 a.m. and then spent hours trying to get the audio fed back to St. Paul where our operations team was to get it encoded,tell me, and I’d put it here and on the Campaign 2006: 5th District section.

But the line from Minneapolis to St. Paul kept dropping and very early this morning he gave up, but returned to City Hall (to cover the Dolan hearing before the City Council at 9) and gave it another shot, and the pieces got put together.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the middle of it jumps around a bit (you may hear a section twice), since my audio editing system is out for repair.

Just another day in the radio business.

  • Chris

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the middle of it jumps around a bit

    Boy, I’ll say. The audio goes completely dead at 45:23, and stays dead until 1:07:02. Is it possible to edit that 20-minute silence out?

  • Bob Collins

    I was putting a Select A Candidate together today, depending on that audio. What a pain in the neck.

    Yes, I can edit it together just as soon as my ProTools system comes back from repairs.

    Don’t ask me when that will be, tho.

  • Chris

    Sure. I forgot to mention, but I really do appreciate you guys taking the time to make all this information available. I don’t know any other news outlet else in the country that does this as well as MPR.

  • Bob Collins

    That number again… 1-800–227-2811 (g)