5.9 on the Blogchter Scale

The Foley affair is going to be one of those stories that’s probably going to be pursued most by the bloggers, more than any other “media.” Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to wade through a fair amount of suppositions to get to the factoids. Maybe blogging isn’t the new journalism; maybe it’s the new talk radio. We’ll see.

From the left and the right, everybody’s got the goods. It just depends on which you want to believe.

The American Thinker – righty — thinks there’s something fishy in the way the story surfaced in the first place.

Matt Stoller at Mydd — lefty — says this is what happens when you put creepy, weird, and perverted people — Republicans, he means — into office.

Pajamas Media has a readable, potentially entertaining, review of how this all played out on the blogs, especially the proper shout out to Done With Mirrors for the best line so far.

“Beyond disgusting. Beyond stupid. Unfortunately, so not beyond imagining.”


  • The media is more than just a choice between MPR and blogs. “Page-gate” is exactly the kind of story that cable news networks love to report or reference 24/7 — the proverbial “live boy.” And it was broken by the most mainstream of streams, ABC News — so Bob, I think this one might have quite a bit more legs than your usual website echo chamber tidbit. It’s quite a symbol, right up there with the VP shooting someone in the face.

    This is a bigger story that has the potential to last for weeks, and unify pundits on the left and right — I’ve seen this already on TV. Just my opinion.

    That said, I went to the websites of the biggest newspapers in Cincinnatti OH and Lexington KY (both areas with competitive races) and almost all the news there is about sports, weather, or local kittens in local trees…

  • PS. I’m a different Bill than previous Bill.