2nd District debate


Coleen Rowley and John Kline held a debate on some cable TV access show in Eagan.

They wouldn’t let Mark Zdechlik into the studio to take a picture (we try keeping him out of our studios too, but … no luck.) so he snapped this one of the TV screen.

Here’s the audio of the debate. I think “Z” is doing a story on this for All Things Considered but I’m too busy watching the Twins game to go to the daily story meeting to get that confirmed.

  • MJ

    I just listened to the entire debate (hey, nothing was on TV after Lost) and I don’t think that Mark Z’s story does justice to how truly awful Rowley was during that debate.

    I’ve heard stories from people that Rowley’s a bit of a one-note (Iraq) candidate and that she’s a bit odd, but I had no idea.

    Plus, for someone who is constantly harping about debates, she was really evasive with her answers. Kline and the moderator asked her about 8 times whether or not Israel did the right thing by invading Lebanon, but she kept dodging and avoiding the question.

    No wonder Kline’s up by 20 points.

  • alan miller

    At least offcer some accuracy — that “some cable TV access show” was “Access to Democracy” a regular freature (over 300 interviews and debates in six years) on award-winning Burnsville/Eagan Community Television, hosted and produced by Alan Miller.

  • Bob Collins

    So noted, Alan. I’m sure it’s a fine show. It just wasn’t relevant to me for the purposes of the post. I believe Z’s story mentioned it.