I’m a real fan of blowing things up and starting over. The words I hate, even more than “and that loss eliminates the Cleveland Indians from postseason contention” are “we’ve always done it this way.” That’s why I’m a big fan of In the Loop, MPR’s new program that believes in taking a different look Read more

Laura McCallum sent along a press release from TeamMN, with a new video they’ve posted on their Web site and also on YouTube. I’m supposed to do another panel soon on how blogging is changing politics but, you know, I’m beginning to think the most influential medium this political season isn’t bloggers, it’s YouTube.

In the 6th District “debate” currently on Midday, Michele Bachmann just mentioned the threat against NFL stadiums to buttress her position on the “war against terror.” In case you haven’t heard — she apparently hasn’t — it was a hoax by some 20-year-old loser, according to the FBI. Update: 5th District “debate” here. 6th District Read more

Boy, I haven’t done one of these in awhile. This is a look at some blog activity today (this is the blog version of Tom’s digest) * Electoral Vote Predictor , mostly on the strength of Zogby polls, has Republicans pulling back into a tie in Senate races. * Jeff Kouba at Bachmann vs. Wetterling Read more