When will it ever start?

Why does the Analyst torture me so? A comeback? A return to action? No. But it’ll have to do until this fine writer sees the errors of his ways and returns fulltime to one of the best political blogs ever written.

Analyst, why not come down to the MPR election night party? We can get you a paper bag like the Unknown Comic.

(C’mon! big points for the “unknown comic” reference)

  • Bob, again you’re confusing age with respect. As a fellow Boomer, I’d just like to remind you that we killed that tradition back when the Gong Show was still shooting.

    But you’re right about The Analyst’s maps: great stuff!!

  • Bob Collins

    Age. Respect. Iceberg. Goldberg.

    You know? I’m not sure I remember The Unknown Comic on the Gong Show. I remember him Make Me Laugh, which I think was another Chuck Barris show about the same time. Bobby Van was the host (dead now). I loved that show.

    The only thing that I ever found memorable about the Gong Show as “Gene, Gene, the dancin’ machine” and Jaye P. Morgan. What exactly did Jaye P. Morgan do to merit all those game show appearances in the ’70s.

  • Ah, memory lane. I liked Make Me Laugh, though I was a mere youth at the time.

    Yes, on the Gong Show I loved Gene Gene. And Jamie Farr, Nipsy Russell, etc… I always liked when one of the panel would try to gong the contestant, and the others would wrestle him, trying to prevent the gonging.

  • DG

    the analyst’s site ate my comments, but I was struck by the high vote totals on the West Bank, where I presume a large number of African immigrants, many of whom are muslims, showed up to vote for Ellison. I’m surprised that did not get more coverage–usually new citizens turning out to vote is a made-for-TV news moment.