What’s important? What’s not?

Even more disclaimers to start off the posting. Select A Candidate is not a scientific poll. It’s not even a poll at all. But thousands of people have taken the varioius versions that I’ve put up and folks still get to weigh in by indicating whether they find the issue behind a particular question very important, somewhat important, or not important.

No surprises so far on the Senate questions. Iraq, taxes, abortion, same-sex marriage, health care round out the top issues to folks.

But what surprises me so far is that 52-percent took the time to indicate that the issue of Social Security is not important to them. Huh?

The energy issue I’ll let slide because I only added it a week ago.

On the gubernatorial side, abortion, health care, K-12, same-sex marriage seem to be the only issues that people feel strongly about from the ones listed. And none of the issues stood out as being particular unimportant to people, although comparative disinterest in the transportation issue jumps out a bit.

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