The survey says….

Minnesota Democrats Exposed has posted a memo from the Republican Party showing an 8-percent gap between frontrunner Amy Klobuchar and Mark Kennedy.

I admit, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher having a campaign — or a party — putting out numbers that show their candidate is behind, but it’s been that kind of a campaign.

I don’t much trust polls from campaigns or parties but other than Zogby, I can’t seem to find any that show a competitive Senate race right now. Apparently, neither can the Republicans. On the other hand, if you were going to cook the numbers, wouldn’t you show the race a bit closer?

And they can’t very well hold Zogby up as a legitimate poll (even though I still contend it is) since both the Kennedy camp and the GOP (and my pals in the blogosphere) have ripped me good for citing it during the present campaign.

  • realtime

    Did you remind voters that the Star Tribune said that Skip Humphry would beat Norm Coleman for Governor, or the other blunders the “who is around during soap opera time who pick up the phone when the caller ID says “Research firm” poll?”

    The Star Tribune has a thirty year icon named Jim who gives them the right to be biased in their polling.

    Once again, why does the taxpayer-supported MPR have the right to argue against any poll moving in the right direction for MK?

    “, if you were going to cook the numbers”

    Give me a break. Every thinking person in the state knows that is what the Strib poll is designed to do for liberals. Don’t tell me that you dispute this point.

  • Bob Collins

    Actually, yes, I do dispute that point because I’ve head arguments like this before and they have a fatal flaw, which I’ve written about many, many times. Please look it up.

    Anyone who starts a dissection of a poll by suggesting that a poll said somethign WOULD happen, does not understand polling.

    I’ve said it a thousand times. I’ll say it again. Polls do not predict anything.

    The answer to your question by the way is “because you have the same right to argue otherwise.”