The pendulum swings

Dems, did you think they were just going to give you the Senate.

Electoral vote predictor, now known as has finally changed the tally.

  • is still The VoteMaster has been involved with for a while now, however.

  • Bob Collins

    It’s my favorite site on the Web. It doesn’t really say anything — since it defies the truism that polls don’t predict anything, but I can’t keep from clicking to it anyway.

  • Of course, the site doesn’t take into account that the “Macaca” Allen (VA) and Corker (KY)campaigns are tanking under scandals. The polling they are counting probably doesn’t incorporate anything recent enough to show how their polling numbers are tumbling.

    This means that:

    Dems: 50

    Reps: 49

    Inds: 01

    The independent in the race, Bernie Sanders says he’ll caucus with the Dems. This is good news.

    The Big E

  • Corker’s in TN, Big E