The Daily Digest: 9-29-06

Joe Mauer’s 9th inning home run leads the digest today. Twins are tied for first place. Maybe there will be a sweep this weekend. Day 2 convention are stories are all over the place. There are so many angles to this story. It’s going to keep Tim Nelson at the Pi Press busy for two years. He writes today about the quick action by the RNC to get the site.

One reason they may have moved so fast was GOP Senator Norm Coleman. The AP says it could boost his profile

But he says he won’t run for higher office in ’08.

RealClear Politics speculates that Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty could also be a possible Vice Presidential pick.

For the record, the press corps asked Pawlenty about the prospects of higher office and he said no thanks. I’m sure he’s got other things on his mind like his reelection bid. Pawlenty started running an ad critical of DFLer Mike Hatch’s spending policies. The AP’s Brian Bakst has an analysis of the ad.

Ok, back to the convention. Planning is underway, says KARE-11. MPR and WCCO have stories wondering if the payoff is worth it.

The Fergus Falls Journal says the Republicans in their neck of the woods are excited.

The Washington Times has a column on the pick.

There was even a story on how a St. Paul hospital is getting ready.

Folks in Florida aren’t happy that Tampa lost the bid. One story says the GOP heavyweights in Minnesota outworked the heavyweights in Florida.

They also speculate that a potential hurricane could have doomed their bid.

Don’t they know that in Minnesota that “all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average?”

The Green Party’s Papa John Kolstad, who’s running for Attorney General, is mad he’s not being invited to a MPR debate. Get your five percent and you’ll get to go to all the debates next time around. Those are the rules. You can find them right here.

The Star Tribune has a story on the Independence Party.

The Republican Party wants a probe into a local county unit, says the Pi Press and the Star Tribune.

Governor Pawlenty will be in Grand Rapids today to talk Timber.

T.W. Budig has profiles on Pawlenty, Hatch and I-P candidate for governor Peter Hutchinson.

Mary Matalin was in town to raise money for Republican Senate candidate Mark Kennedy.

The EPA says it’s thinking about helping out the ethanol industry.

Finally, the Marshall Independent writes about a poll conducted in their area.

  • Karl

    It’s too bad MPR is playing the debate exclusion game for Papa John Kolstad. When will you people see the Catch 22 here: You can’t be in the debate until you get 5% in the last election. But without debate exposure you’ll never get to 5% (the rare exception was Ralph Nader, who pushed the Greens into major-party status only because he was already so well known, despite being excluded from the Gore-Bush debates.) So the “minor” parties are screwed.

    Is your debate format so precious that a non-major-party candidate would derail it? Are you afraid you might hear more than GOP and DFL talking points? Perhaps your role as a public radio station should be to expose the public to lesser-known viewpoints so they might make a more intelligent decision when voting. After all, the airwaves you use belong to minor-party citizens as well as major-party citizens.