The Daily Digest: 9-25-06

Another poll says DFLer Amy Klobuchar leads Mark Kennedy by double digits in Minnesota’s senate race. MPR and the Pi Press have stories. Rachel Stassen-Berger says the race isn’t over. MPR focuses on Kennedy’s problems attracting independents in this particular poll.

The St. Cloud Times has a profile on Kennedy and says he’s loyal to the GOP.

Stassen-Berger, with the Pi-Press, has profiles on Kennedy and Klobuchar in Sunday’s paper. Kennedy earned the nickname “beets.” Klobuchar says her job ain’t exactly like “Law and Order.”

GOP Wingman reports that Mary Matalin will hold a fundraiser for Kennedy on Thursday.

Bill Clinton talks up Klobuchar in this story.

The Star Tribune takes a look at the consultants behind the senate candidates after last week’s firing of Tara McGuinness.

A small business PAC endorses Kennedy.

Kennedy and the other GOP candidates better check those terror talking points after this weekend’s New York Times article.

The Rothenberg Political Report moves Minnesota’s Senate race from narrow advantage to clear advantage. He also moves the race for governor from GOP narrow advantage to toss-up.

Brian Bakst, with the Associated Press, takes a look at the tax and spending plans that the candidates for governor are proposing.

There’s also an item on what the candidates for governor think.

Pawlenty promises better times ahead. Perhaps the next generation of a “chicken in every pot”?

Don Davis, with Forum Communications, says rural America is the battleground this election.

Perhaps that’s why Pawlenty and Hatch are criss-crossing the state. Hatch talks wood and brings the lumber to Pawlenty in Bemidji.

The Marshall Independent writes about Pawlenty.

The Mankato Free Press links to the editorial board’s interview with Pawlenty. Now we know what goes on in those meetings.

The Star Tribune’s Dane Smith takes a look at the state of our state.

The 6th District candidates debate on Almanac.

The NRCC keeps up its attack on Wetterling. This time it’s on mutual funds (this must be a trend since Kennedy is bringing up Klobuchar’s mutual funds in the senate race). Here’s the problem, Bachmann has mutual funds too.

John Edwards makes the rounds on Saturday including a campaign appearance with Wetterling.

The Los Angeles Times mentions the 6th district contest in a story on microtargeting:

In the hottest congressional race in Minnesota, where the DNC and the Ickes group have developed micro-targeting capabilities, Democratic candidate Patty Wetterling has not yet begun using the technology but expects to start soon.

The campaign manager for Republican Michele Bachmann says the GOP system has proved to be “a critical asset.” Using Voter Vault’s ability to track voter preferences on hot issues, Bachmann’s campaign even identified households where one family member opposed abortion and the others did not. The campaign tailored different messages to different members of those households.

The Detroit Free Press also writes about micro-targeting. Better buy those magazines off the rack if you don’t want the parties knowing what you read

The Washington Post has a story saying the fortunes may be getting better for the GOP. Both parties are sensing tight races

Perhaps the GOP is getting ready for an October surprise. The bloggers are going crazy about this rumor.

Time magazine says the netroots have hit their limits and can’t sway elections

Finally, an editor in Grand Marais is a bit jaded this election season. It looks like he’s really doing his public service by bashing all of the candidates. It also isn’t good if you’re the editor for a newspaper but admit that you don’t read through an entire press release. Journalism 101 says that comes with the job, pal.

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