The Daily Digest: 9-20-06

Last night’s U.S. senate debate featuring Republican Mark Kennedy, DFLer Amy Klobuchar and Independence Party member Robert Fitzgerald leads the digest. The Star Tribune, MPR, Forum Communications and the AP have stories.

I guess Kennedy and Klobuchar can pull those ads discussing high gasoline prices.

Demorcat Lori Swanson is ahead in a poll focusing on the attorney general’s race. It’s hard to get too excited about it since a large group didn’t know who was running and was undecided. Swanson, Republican Jeff Johnson and I-P candidate John James try to get their names out there by talking the death penalty. MPR and the Pi Press have stories.

Matt Entenza and state Rep. Denise Dittrich don’t face campaign fines. The Pi Press and Star Tribune say the Campaign Finance Board dismissed complaints against them.

I-P gubernatorial candidate Peter Hutchinson releases his energy policy/environment plan.

He’ll also hold a news conference today blasing his opponents for ducking debates.

RNC Chair Ken Mehlman is in town today. He’s raising some money and will do some “grass roots campaigning” in Woodbury.

A staffer for GOP Congressman John Kline apologizes for making an inappropriate remark.

Retiring DFL Congressman Martin Sabo is silent on Keith Ellison.

Finally the Detroit Free Press has a profile on Ellison (he grew up in Detroit). The most interesting nugget is that his brother is a Christian pastor and a Republican:

Brian Ellison, for example, is a conservative Republican and Baptist preacher. Keith Ellison is a liberal Democrat. But Brian Ellison has campaigned for his brother and will fly to Minnesota to help him celebrate an election victory. “Before anything else, we’re brothers,” said Brian Ellison. “Out of respect for one another, we have never talked religion. We’ve talked politics, and he thinks I’m absolutely crazy.”

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