The Daily Digest : 9-18-06

The Digest will be brief this morning since I’m taking a sick day. I think it’s partly from a long primary week and partly because my ‘Iggles blew a 17 point lead in the 4th quarter (I’m serious on the first not so serious on the second). Anyway, the U.S. Senate race leads the digest this morning. The Star Tribune is out with a poll that shows Democrat Amy Klobuchar with a big lead over Republican Mark Kennedy. Independence Party member Robert Fitzgerald is a distant third. Klobuchar’s campaign praised the poll. Kennedy’s folks say the poll should be on the comics pages with Garfield.

We should call this weekend “Back to the 1990s” since former President Bill Clinton and former Speaker of the House were in Minnesota to raise money for the two candidates. Clinton raised $1 million for Klobuchar and the DFL Party. Kennedy’s campaign says Gingrich is holding a fundraiser for Kennedy on Monday.

Here are stories from MPR, the Star Tribune and WCCO on the Clinton event. You can also listen to Clinton’s entire speech on the MPR link above. Rachel Stassen Berger, with the Pi Press, used the Clinton event to focus on the economic plans of the two candidates.

Klobuchar is running an ad focused on the federal deficit. The Star Tribune fact checks it here. Kennedy also started running an ad criticizing Klobuchar for “saying one thing but doing another.” He provides his own fact check on his website. It’s the first of what is expected to be many contrast ads (which some call negative ads) in this race. The digest wonders when Klobuchar or the DSCC will run ads linking Kennedy to President Bush. The New York Times says it’s all the rage in Democratic circles.

Kennedy and Klobuchar meet in their next debate on Tuesday.

Finally, a Star Tribune poll says the race for governor is neck and neck between Republican Tim Pawlenty and Democrat Mike Hatch.

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