The Daily Digest: 8-14-06

Republican Alan Fine leads the digest today (with Keith Ellison, I guess). Fine unleashed a blistering criticism of Ellison’s past. MPR, Kare11, the Star Tribune, the AP and WCCO all have stories.

So much for the positive campaign Fine said he was going to run.

Star Tribune columnist Doug Grow says he’d like a mulligan on Fine. The most interesting thing in the column is that Fine wouldn’t say who wrote his speech for him. MNGOP perhaps?

While Fine was unleashing his attack, Keith Ellison was talking to the national media. He was on NPR and CNN. He also appeared in Roll Call and in USA Today.

The Star Tribune also has an analysis of the voting patterns on primary day. I bet Fine and Independence Party candidate Tammy Lee spend a lot of time in the suburbs over the next two months.

The Star Tribune and the Pi Press also have stories on Lori Swanson’s DFL primary victory in the race for attorney general. The Pioneer Press wonders if the attorney general race will be a referendum on Mike Hatch.

Hatch, Governor Pawlenty and Independence Party candidate Peter Hutchinson will debate the issues today. Here’s a lookahead by the AP and the Pi Press.

Don Davis, with Forum Communications, says the major races are going to get very expensive.

The Star Tribune also has a story saying the race has officially begun. Wait, I thought I read some stories saying the race was going to begin at the MN State Fair. Boy, am I confused.

Amy Klobuchar’s campaign issued a release saying the DFL candidate for Minnesota’s open senate seat will hold a townhall forum in St. Paul to discuss “Setting Priorities and Restoring Fiscal Responsibility” with former President Bill Clinton. The event is on Saturday in St. Paul. Clinton will also speak to the DFL Unity dinner, which will be closed to the press.

Republican Rod Grams criticized DFL incumbent Jim Oberstar for his travel and doesn’t spend enough time in the district.

There may be some wavering on the Vikings stadium issue by the Anoka County board. Vikings owner Zygi Wilf may be dusting off Plan B.

The Rochester Post Bulletin says a panel of judges has dismissed a complaint about “re-elect on some lawn signs.” This is a big debate in the Tina Liebling – Carla Nelson legislative match up.

And finally, is Air America in financial trouble?

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