Pawlenty will start running a new ad that’s critical of Hatch’s spending promises

Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty will have a new TV ad up tomorrow that criticizes DFLer Mike Hatch. The two are running neck in neck in the polls in the race for governor.

The Pawlenty ad says Hatch’s spending promises would create an average tax increase of $2912 for every Minnesota family. Pawlenty uses a CPA with an inactive license (and former GOP candidate for the Minnesota House in 2004) to crunch the numbers. The CPA, John Heutmaker, says Hatch’s promises would add up to $6.4 billion over four years.

“Bottom line, Minnesota can’t afford Mike Hatch.”

As you would guess, Hatch says the ad is false, uses figures pulled out of thin air and is designed to scare people:

“It’s unfortunate that the governor has stooped to this level.”

Pawlenty’s campaign says the ad buy is $250,000 and will run statewide.