NRCC runs ad criticizing Wetterling on taxes

I just saw the ad on KSTP-TV. The National Republican Congressional Committee ad basically tells viewers that Wetterling will raise your taxes if she’s elected. Here’s the text from the ad :

“Patty Wetterling just doesn’t get it. Lowering taxes helps families and creates jobs. Yet Patty Wetterling opposes making our tax relief permanent that means higher taxes on working families. It means reducing child tax credits and it means bringing back the marraiage penalty. And bringing back the death tax on family businesses and farms. It’s clear, Patty Wetterling means higher taxes. She’s wrong. The National Republican Congressional Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.”

Wetterling is the DFL candidate running for Congress in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District. The NRCC would prefer to see Republican Michele Bachmann win the seat. Independence Party candidate John Binkowski is also running.

UPDATE – Wetterling’s campaign manager said this about the ad:

Just like the mail pieces, the Republican Party will go to (any) lengths to lie and deceive about what Patty’s record is. And that they’re not just sticking to the issues of this campaign. Patty has been on record talking about targeted middle class and only repealing tax cuts for the top one percent. And this ad is obviously false.

The NRCC is investing a boatload of money in the race in support of Bachmann. The public files at KSTP-TV, WCCO-TV and KARE-11 say the NRCC is spending $1,192,275 for 863 ads between today and election day.

Get ready for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to follow suit. They’re scheduled to run 256 ads between October tenth and election day on WCCO-TV and KARE-11 at the total cost of $771,175.

  • Jeff

    Yesterday the NRCC filed notice of a payment in the amount of $311,140.00 to Strategic Media Services for “Issue Ad Placement” in the 6th District, opposing Patty Wetterling. This brings the total the NRCC has spent in the 6th District to $498,324.87.