Let the race begin

You can almost here the squeeling tires, racing to the TV stations to buiy time.

On that front…

Michele Bachmann reports she’s running her first TV ad. It’s on her Web site, she says.

Oh, that reminds me, I’ve got to get going on setting up a Select A Candidate for this race. What issues do you want to see on there besides the obvious ones?

  • Greg Van Hee

    Not Again

    “But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” When he made this claim one of our best Presidents and one great Republican could have been thinking of the upcoming election and the tired reasons the current leaders of his party are trying to make us believe in order to elect republicans to Congress. What they are giving us is truly a bunch of malarky when they claim only they can keep American safe in this time of war. How are we safer when so many of our resources are being spent on a virtually meaningless war in Iraq? Billions of our money that could be used to fight the actual terrorists that perpetrated 9-11 are being wasted every week in a stupid effort at nation building, about which Dwight Eisenhower, another great Republican, warned us of the dangers long ago. Who is it that wasted the fantastic outpouring of support and compassion the rest of the world gave us after 9-11? There were even huge pro-American rallies in Iran after the tragic and malicious attack. Good leaders with good plans and a good sense of diplomacy would have rallied this goodwill into an unstoppable alliance against the real attackers. Instead, we went after a secular leader in a nation that not many years before Mr. Rumsfeld claimed was one of our greatest allies and best friends in the fight against Islamic fanaticism. So today we are in danger of sinking ignorantly and tragically into a swamp largely made by the same republicans who claim to have better “plans” and the will to protect us against an enemy that they’ve succeeded at mobilizing for war much more so than the republicans who are the majority in control in Washington these days have been able to unite Americans themselves in the vital conflict with the actual attackers of 9-11. Real leaders, able leaders, leaders worthy of our respect find ways to unite us, other than the disrespectful fear Bush and his henchmen have worked at promoting in order to stop us from using our heads and realizing just how inept the current republicans are.

    The charge that democrats are ineffective leaders in times of conflict defies historical evidence. Woodrow Wilson led this country through World War I. Franklin D. Roosevelt not only led us through the threatening despair of the Great Depression (He appealed to our minds and showed us respect by telling us how useless it was to be frightened in precarious times.), but he capably brought us through most of World War II, and Harry Truman, his tough and gritty successor, had the guts to use atomic bombs to end the conflict and save countless American and Japanese lives. Which of these great leaders in perilous times was a republican? For those of you who would have us forget history altogether, the answer is that ALL of them were democrats. No wonder there is no history test to pass in the ridiculous No Child Left Behind program. These republicans want us to be blissfully unaware of a history that shows us clearly that democrats have led and led well during much more threatening times than we face now.

    The record speaks for itself. Lives have been needlessly loss in a war that we were MISLED into. Billions of dollars are going into a bottomless toilet in a conflict that divided us from our best allies and has created disdain for our country throughout the world. Instead of asking the wealthiest among us to sacrifice something in this fiasco, republicans have handed them gigantic tax breaks that we or our children will have to deal with eventually. China and other countries who may not care about the survival of our nation will call for payment sooner or later and if the same crowd stays in power, it will not be the ultra-rich who pay the piper. Many young men and women from the poorest economic class of Americans have already died in this absurd war. Would it go on and on if there were still a draft and the rich and powerful faced the prospect of their kids going into harms way?

    We need a change of leadership and movement in different directions than we’re going now. It needs to start with the coming Congressional elections.

  • Karl

    Each candidate should be asked whether they own a business or have ever owned a business and if so, describe what health care benefits they provided their employees–as well as their paid campaign staffers. They should also be asked who provides their own family’s health insurance and what it costs them personally.