Klobuchar says she would have voted against terror bill

Democrat Amy Klobuchar says she supports giving the nation all of the tools it needs to fight terrorism but thinks the measure which passed both the house and the senate is unconstitutional. The bill would create military commissions to prosecute terrorism suspects. It would also forbid the worst types of abuses of detainees but would give the president leeway to decide which other interrogation techniques are allowed. Klobuchar says Republicans pushed the bill through so they could campaign on something before the midterm elections.

“We have to make sure that we are catching these terrorists. I think we all agree on that and that we’re prosecuting them and we’re punishing them. That being said I believe we need to put the long term interests in winning the war on terror in front of the short term political gain.”

Klobuchar is running for Minnesota’s open U.S. Senate seat. Her Republican opponent, Mark Kennedy, says the bill is critical to the nation’s anti-terror fight. He voted for the House bill this week.

By the way, Klobuchar will be on MPR’s Midmorning program on Monday at 10AM. Independence Party candidate Robert Fitzgerald will be on Midmorning on Thursday. Kennedy is scheduled to be on the program on Friday.

  • Thank God for Amy.

    This torture bill is the most corrupt thing this GOP controlled Government has done, I am beyond disgusted.

    Don’t let the blood be on your hands, Don’t vote Republican.