Borene out?

I’ve waited to run this until it could be personally confirmed but the AP has just put out a story on it…so. According to an e-mail, Andrew Borene has dropped out of the race for state Senate in District 41 against Geoff Michel.

Edina, MN- In the next days I will formally withdraw from the Minnesota Senate race in District 41.

With the assistance of professionals, I have concluded that I am chemically dependent and will enter treatment for my alcohol dependency. That dependency has hurt those I love, including my wife and our children.

Recent events have convinced me that I cannot pursue my passion for public service, make progress in recovery and tend the needs of my family.

For my actions which I deeply regret, I apologize to my amazing wife, Britta, my family and to my friends and the citizens of District 41. While my withdrawal is necessary, I apologize also to the many good people who have stood by me, generously contributing their time and talents.

Laura McCallum did a piece on this race last month.

  • RC

    How sad for Andrew and his family. He would have made such a great state senator. I hope that he is able to address his problems successfully and heal himself and his family.