It could be worse. It could be the ’80s and yellow power ties are back

With my golf game, I have an overarching saying about my philosophy toward the sport. “It’s not whether you are good, it’s whether you look good.

Politics sometimes is the same way. It’s not always about what a candidate says or does. It’s how they act.

Unless certain candidates really do have nothing but plaid shirts and khaki Dockers in their closet — or dark, conservative suit/dresses — I’m going to guess that one of the consultant contributions to the election this year is control over what the candidate wears.

That’s why I was interested in a Boston Globe article this morning that examines the clothing habits of the Bay State’s gubernatorial candidates and what statement they make.

  • This is something I never understand about politics. Why do (male) politicians always go with the dark suit, white shirt, and red tie? Blue tie if they’re feeling radical.

    It’s like a uniform. I wish they’d loosen up and change things around now and then. I rather liked Al Gore’s earth tones makeover, though he deserved the grief he got for it if he did it purely for focus group reasons.

  • Concerned constituent

    I would like to draw your attention to the footage of Bush’s speech this morning. He is (and I wish I was kidding) wearing a yellow power tie. I submit that it could not be worse and in this very moment we have hit rock bottom.

  • Bob Collins

    Oh great. I suppose now I have to go dig out my old Billy Joel, Cyndi Lauper, and Bruce Springsteen albums.

    Oh, and I’ll have to get a perm.

  • bsimon

    Anyone else missing old Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown? He had the audacity to run for President and not only propose a flat tax, but skipped the tie altogether in favor of a mock turtleneck! The country is in dire need of this kind of leadership.