In case you missed it…

Tom Scheck may have dropped the biggest bombshell of the Senate campaign in his post below.

Now, to provide the appropriate disclaimers, it’s possible the NRSC is just late to the table with its ad buy in the Kennedy-Klobuchar-Everybody else campaign. Or maybe WCCO hasn’t gotten around to sticking the thing in the public file yet.

But. If it turns out that the NRSC has decided to spend its money elsewhere? Well, umm, wow. It’s almost impossible to imagine. This is a seat they targeted as one of the most winnable.

In fact, their Web site posts this:

Well, I think the best chance for Republicans in those races that you mentioned right now is Minnesota, where they’ve got a candidate in Mark Kennedy. … I think they’ve got a strong candidate.” (Michael Barrone, “The State of American Politics 2005-2006,”, December 29, 2005)

And in August, CQ reported the NRSC had transferred a wad of cash to the local GOP, presumably in support of the Kennedy campaign.

The NRSC reported transferring $15,000 to state parties and affiliated organizations — including $10,000 to the Minnesota GOP, which is assisting Rep. Mark Kennedy against Democratic county prosecutor Amy Klobuchar for the seat that retiring one-term Democratic Sen. Mark Dayton is giving up.

Time to check KARE and KSTP.

  • Lomax

    The Kennedy campaign is the political equivalent of “Weekend At Bernie’s II.”