I’d like “political Web site trivia for $20,” Alex…

This is the first father-son combination to make the “former candidates” box on the MPR Web site. They ran for the same office.

  • DBDem

    Who is Orville and Mike Freeman

  • Bob Collins

    Sorry, no. (Let’s see how much he wagered). Remember, this is a father and son who ran for the same office in the SAME year. (Running, by my definition, includes the forming and/or filing of an exploratory committee).

    I wonder how many times this has actually happened in the U.S. in cases where it didn’t involve the death of one of the candidates?

  • DI

    Who are Jack and John Uldrich?

  • http://residualforces.com triple_a

    Kilt boy!

    For those that missed those images at the GOP convention this year, don’t worry, has probably already pledged to run against Coleman.

    He may soon be our Oli Savor. (sp)