I think the I-P has the joneses for costumes

Last week, Peter Hutchinson, the Independence Party’s candidate for governor, appeared in a news conference with people in duck costumes. Today, the I-P’s candidate for Secretary of State, Joel Spoonheim, was walking through the capitol press corps room with a guy in a bison (or is it buffalo?) costume to promote the site askindie. It’s a website where you can ask the guy in the buffalo/bison costume any question. The first question I asked was:

“Are you a bison or a buffalo?”

He responded:

“That’s better suited for other candidates who love to dance around the issues.”

I then asked:

“What’s the difference between a buffalo and a bison?”

He gave me the same response.

If you type in Mike Hatch or Peter Hutchinson or Tim Pawlenty you get clever responses. I think this is modeled after that Burger King website where you tell the chicken to do some sort of dance and it does it.

Anyway, I’m looking at this buffalo/bison thing and I’m thinking this costume looks like the mascot in the movie Bull Durham (I know it’s a bull costume but bear with me). That’s the movie where the catcher tells the hot-shot pitcher to throw at the mascot. The pitcher then whacks the bull in the head with a fastball (those types of gags always crack me up). The catcher tells the batter he doesn’t know where the next pitch is going and it’s instant strike-out.

Come to think of it, didn’t the I-P hold their convention in a minor league baseball stadium this summer?

  • Steve

    Tom – Ask him to sing a song. You’ll love his response.

  • Bob Collins

    Tom: I asked him to stand on his head. He said, “look, I graduated from an Ivy League Institution for gifted BISON….”

    So there you go. Typical politician, though. If you want an answer, don’t ask a question. (g)

  • Victoria

    But it introduces itself as a buffalo. “Welcome, truthseekers…”