Gallup: Klobuchar by 10

Gallup/USA Today are out with a series of polls in key states. According to the release — via the Chicago Tribune’s “The Swamp“:

The USA Today/Gallup poll shows Klobuchar with 50% support among likely voters compared with 40% for Kennedy, a statistically significant lead for the Democrat. Most polling in Minnesota shows Klobuchar with an advantage as the Democrats attempt to hold on to the seat in what has become one of the more competitive states in the country.

The polling in this race has been like a muggy day with no wind.

  • realtime

    All polls show this a competitive race, but most in the know place it in single numbers with Amy Klobuchar in the lead.

    That is what you would expect when the race has been to this point a race between Amy Klobuchar and George W Bush.

    Now that the campaign season is open, it will be interesting to see what happens to the numbers when it is a race between Amy Klobuchar and Mark Kennedy.

    It feels like 2004 again.