Finally, a political party we can all get behind

(see updatednote at bottom)

Election Night Policy and a Pint

Hosted by Steve Seel and Tom Crann

broadcast on The Current

Tuesday, November 7

7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

The UBS Forum at Minnesota Public Radio

Minnesota Public Radio will host an “alternative” election night event in The UBS Forum modeled after The Current’s successful Policy and a Pint series. This event will bring together 80+ bloggers, news junkies, and interested citizens to talk about politics and election results in a informal and non-partisan atmosphere co-hosted by the Citizens League.

Steve Seel and Tom Crann will anchor a four-hour live webstream from the forum as well as cutting into The Current to provide election updates. The forum will host high-profile political bloggers from the region who will update their blogs and and participate in the hosted discussion. Steve and Tom will talk politics with local political analysts and commentators and, where possible, connect with the candidates themselves. Monitors throughout the forum will broadcast the latest results from MPR and other sources while a DJ provides entertainment and continuity during breaks in the action.

This event is free, but tickets are required. Tickets will be given away on The Current and through the Citizens League. Refreshments (a limited amount of beer and wine) will be served.


Bob notes.

My job with this project — aside from coming up with the general idea in the first place — is to round up bloggers. Did I mention there’s food. I have a fairly good cross section in mind but if you have a POLITICAL blog and are available, would you drop me a line at ? We’ll even put you on the radio. Maybe.

And I mentioned there’s food, right?

Update: Just to be clear, we’re hoping the bloggers can work their sites while at this event. We’ll provide whatever technical resources you need to accomplish that. You’d be “working press.” Or push. Or whatever.

Oh and there aren’t 80 bloggers to be there. They’ll be about 80 people, I’m guessing 8-10 of whom will be bloggers.

  • “a LIMITED amount of beer and wine”

    I’m glad that we won’t be drinking liberally.

    Matt Abe