Do over

FYI, sometime later today, I’ll probably reset the Select A Candidate to remove the candidates no longer in the races and reset the tallies to zero.

Then I’ll start working on the Campaign 2006 clean-up for the ceremonial moving of the losing candidates to the “withdrawn candidates” block, always a solemn ceremony at the world headquarters of Polinaut.

You may have noticed, by the way, that the C2006 site is still in the “old design.” We’re going to start moving that into the new design in another week or so.

And just as it did in 2004, traffic on the C2006 site, and in particular Select A Candidate spiked up after Labor Day, just as the old cliches would dictate. And Select A Candidate went through the roof. We “went live” with Campaign 2006 in January 2005 and have spent countless hours on it, most of them when we knew nobody gave a rip about the campaign, with the idea that by the time they did, we wanted a lot of candidate information there.

I probably need to start sketching out Campaign 2008. What sorts of things would you like to see on it? I’d rather not just pull stuff off the shelf and changes 6s to 8s.

  • For 2008 I’d like to have my “Select A Candidate” results filed as my official vote so I don’t have to go to the polls. 😉

  • Bob Collins

    Update: I’m going to wait to do this until later this week. There’s a Hatch-Pawlenty-Hutchinson debate tomorrow and some issue may surface that we haven’t tracked and I might as well do the whole thing at the same time.