Comings and goings in the Fifth District

Some of the candidates running for Congress in Minnesota’s Fifth District will be on tv tonight for a KSTP debate. Keith Ellison, Ember Reichgott Junge, Paul Ostrow and Mike Erlandson will all appear on Channel 45 at 8pm. KSTP-TV is hosting a debate that will be moderated by the League of Women Voters. The debate was taped earlier this afternoon and will air tonight.

The candidates are involved in a hot and heavy race to succeed retiring Congressman Martin Sabo. All of the candidates have now hit the tv aiwaves. Ellison was last to hit the airwaves. . The Ellison ad is a web ad that was e-mailed to potential voters. You can see his ad here. The Ellison campaign says they intend to do radio ads later this week.

There are several other debates scheduled this week. You can see the full schedule here. Mike Erlandson’s campaign says there is a location change for the Wednesday night highrise debate. They say the new location will be Monroe Village, 1900 Central Ave NE (just down the street from where it originally was scheduled).

All of the candidates say they’ll also be out and about shaking hands and working to get their voters to the polls next Tuesday. Officials with Erlandson’s campaign say they will be out shaking hands most of the week. Reichgott Junge’s campaign is touting the endorsement of Joan Growe with a new radio ad and she intends to shake 7,000 hands between now and primary day (1,000/day). Ellison’s campaign says California Congresswoman Maxine Waters and former Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton will campaign for him over the weekend. The other campaigns didn’t outline their schedules yet but I’ll update the site when they do.

  • Dave

    The Ellison ad is not on TV. It is well over a minute long and too raw for TV. I think you should change that. He was not the “last to hit the airwaves.” He has got a fair amount of cyber earned media out of this. It is essentially a You Tube type creation, not a TV ad. Unless this is sen by a wider audience it is of no consequence.

    MPR, I belive you got slightly duped by this.