Another Monday, another poll

Well, there it is, the poll data and methodology.

One thing — of many — that strike me is that Klobuchar has better support from her party’s voters than Kennedy does from his (88% vs. 79%). That could change, but 7-percent of Republican voters say they’re undecided; the same percentage as the number of DFLers who say they’re undecided. Curiously, 13-percent of Independents say they’re undecided.

If you’re Kennedy, what field do you till? He’s more competitive outstate than he is in the metro area, but are there enough votes outstate to compensate. And if the metro area includes the suburbs — and I believe it does — than a 24% spread is significant.

Now, keep in mind this poll was conducted before the “ad gate” thing

It’s pretty clear that the election is hinging on Iraq. And given that 21% say Iraq is the number one issue, and given the numbers that Klobuchar turns in here, there’s almost no wriggle room for Kennedy on the dominant issue that can change the race.

He has to hope that something changes in Iraq between now and Election Day that will make voters come to his side or he’s got to figure out how to get taxes & government spending to be a bigger player in this election.

He’s also got a gender gap. His worst numbers come from women. And there’s very few undecideds at this point in the campaign.

It may be getting to the point where the GOP has to hope the DFL figures the race is over, and a lot of those votes stay home on Election Day.

There’s not a lot of good news in this poll for the congressman.

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