And there’s alligators in the sewer system

I don’t know whether the Minnesota poll is right or wrong. It sure seems to be “out there” a bit but I’m not skilled enough to know why.

I do know this: poll science should be taught in public schools.

Look, I’m up for a good discussion on poll methodology and why a poll is or isn’t accurate. I can usually learn a few things.

But if the Republcian Party of Minnesota doesn’t retire the “The Minnesota Poll is wrong because it has failed to predict the final results accurately X number of times,” I’m just going to scream.

OK, it’s my own personal hell, but this sort of stuff is like getting those Internet messages from a friend, who had it forwarded to her from someone who forwarded it from someone else, who had it forwarded from someone else etc., all warning against freezing food in plastic containers because it’ll release killer Dioxin. Gah!

The heading on the graph on page 2 on Minnesota Democrats Exposed leads one to ignore everything else.

Unresolved. Whether the party continues this line of reasoning because it doesn’t understand polling science; or because it thinks it can convince others who don’t understand polling science?

Poll methodology can certainly be questions, but you have to at least trot out a basic truth in the process if anyone’s going to pay serious attention to the scholarship..