Alan Fine fires away at Keith Ellison

Alan Fine, the GOP candidate running in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, says DFL candidate Keith Ellison is “unfit to represent the voters in the fifth district.” Fine, Ellison, Independence Party member Tammy Lee and Green Party candidate Jay Pond are all on the November ballot in the fifth. Fine provided a blistering criticism (some of which he couldn’t back up) of Ellison at an afternoon news conference. You can listen to it here.

Ellison issued this written response:

Ellison Responds To Republican Candidate’s Remarks

Minneapolis—September 13 “The remarks about which I’ve been asked to respond to are diametrically opposed to what our campaign has been about, what my career as a public servant and a grassroots organizer has been about. To engage them is to be sullied by them.

This campaign is about inclusion, not alienation. This campaign is about reaching across the needless barriers that divide us, not erecting them. Last night’s primary election’s record turnout is all the evidence I need to know that our message of enfranchisement, of peace and a society where there are no throwaway people resonated with voters. In fact, it brought more people into the democratic process. The remarks made this afternoon by my Republican opponent are calculated to do just the opposite.

I intend to continue reaching out to the marginalized, to the disenfranchised, the dispossessed and inviting them in, to join us as we take our country back from those who would pander to our worst fears. This campaign will continue to speak to our highest hopes. And together, I am confident those hopes can be realized.”


  • Karl

    When is the MSM going to focus a fraction as much attention on Michele Bachmann’s current statements and associations as they have on Keith Ellison’s distant past?

  • Just as soon a the Left has something comparable to the Right’s system of Scaife funding, Rove coordination, and multiple-propaganda-think-tanks.

    At least Fine didn’t waste any time with those quaint courtesies, such as congratulating his esteemed opponent, urging that the campaigns stick to the “high road,” or suggesting that the candidates consider the needs of the public which they seek to serve. No, Fine threw it into first gear and drove directly into the muddy ditch.

    It’s going to be a long campaign…

  • bsimon

    I, for one, was rather impressed with Ellison’s response to Fine’s harangue. If this is what we can expect from both candidates, Ellison is clearly the better choice. Though I’m still supporting Tammy Lee.

  • Dann Dobson

    Alan Fine illustrates the total bankruptcy of the Republican party. Rather than deal with issues, Alan Fine immediately slurs Ellison.

    I know Keith Ellison and I trust him. As a Jew I am embarrassed by Alan Fine. In a City that was once labeled the most anti-semitic in the country, where Jews could not get postions in law firms, hospitals or buy homes in certain suburbs, for a Jew to say that he is offended by a Muslim.

    Alan Fine has taken a page straight from Karl Roves pagebook.