Noah Kunin who writes the blog Kunin says he accessed the Kennedy ad through Scott Howell’s website, Kennedy’s ad man. Kunin says he was not asked for a password to get to the site that included Kennedy’s ad and never “hacked” into anything. He didn’t provide any details with his interaction with Klobuchar’s campaign over the weekend on the advice of counsel.

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Peter Hutchinson, the Independence Party candidate for governor, accused Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty and DFLer Mike Hatch of “ducking debates.” Get it? That’s why the ducks are there with him. Jokes aside, Hutchinson called debates the “job interviews” for politicians. A spokeswoman for Hatch says he won’t appear unless the governor commits to the debate. Read more

Campaign Notebook by The Associated Press WETTERLING VOTING RECORD The National Republican Congressional Committee claimed in a brochure sent to 6th District voters this week that Democratic candidate Patty Wetterling failed to vote in three big election years, including 2004. The hitch? Wetterling voted in both the primary and general elections that year, when she Read more

Last night’s U.S. senate debate featuring Republican Mark Kennedy, DFLer Amy Klobuchar and Independence Party member Robert Fitzgerald leads the digest. The Star Tribune, MPR, Forum Communications and the AP have stories. I guess Kennedy and Klobuchar can pull those ads discussing high gasoline prices. Demorcat Lori Swanson is ahead in a poll focusing on Read more