Mike Hatch and Matt Entenza aren’t commenting to the media today about the story in today’s Star Tribune. The Strib confirmed that Entenza hired a private research company to examine Attorney General Mike Hatch’s office. Entenza says he wanted to learn about the AG’s office, where he worked for several years. The Strib also reported Read more

Someone sent me the attached fundraising letter. Senator Mark Dayton and Entenza’s campaign manager confirmed that it happened. There’s some pretty high profile Dems on this list. ———————————————————————- Sen. Mark Dayton, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sen. Evan Bayh, Sen. Byron Dorgan, Sen. Tim Johnson, Sen. Barack Obama, Fmr. Sen. Tom Daschle, Rep. Jim Oberstar, Rep. Read more

The Washington Post’s “The Fix” has a fascinating analysis on polling data. In an earlier post, I mentioned that some had concerns about polls conducted by Rasmussen. Chris Cillizza goes through the pluses and minuses of polls conducted by Rasmussen and Survey USA. The main sticking point involves how they do the interviews. Rasmussen and Read more

The Daily Digest… The Star Tribune story on the rift between Attorney General Mike Hatch and the DFLer who wants to replace him leads the news. Apparently Matt Entenza, a state representative who’s running for Hatch’s job, paid a private investigator to check into Hatch’s office. Hatch is the DFL endorsed candidate for governor. Entenza Read more

So much for the notion that a Senate primary will drain resources and energy from the general election campaign. Whether you plan to vote for her or not you have to admit that Amy Klobuchar has run quite a campaign so far. Remember all the names that were mentioned as possible DFL candidates when Mark Read more