The Mike Hatch/Judi Dutcher for Governor team leads the headlines for the candidate filings of the day. Mike Hatch has the DFL endorsement for governor. He faces a primary challenge against DFL Sen. Becky Lourey, who has not filed yet. Even though he faces a September primary challenge, Hatch seems to be focusing on the Read more

ABC’s The Note is reporting that Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will be in Minnesota on Tuesday to attend the Education Commission of the States’ three-day meeting. The Wall Street Journal has a column authored by several conservatives, including former Congressman Vin Weber, calling for a comprehensive solution on immigration. They write, “The best way — Read more

You may have heard by now that St. Paul bar owners are dropping a push for a referendum on the city’s smoking ban ordinance. The decision came after a judge ruled against the bar owners Friday in a challenge to the law. Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association executive director Jim Farrell told Perry Finelli on Morning Read more