The Fightin’ 6th

Maybe the candidates got a good talking to by party leaders or maybe cooler heads prevailed after the foodfight in the 6th District (now known as the “Fightin’ 6th”) over the last 10 days, but at least one candidate is urging a toning down of the rhetoric in the race.

In an e-mail to supporters, signed by the “Bachmann kids,” Michele Bachmann’s campaign urged some restraint.

In our interests to see the campaign for the endorsement remain positive and focused on the issues, we’ve set up a website encouraging candidates, campaigns and the public to keep the messages positive. Check it out and sign Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: Thou shall never speak badly of another Republican.

Remember to spread the word too, because Republicans have to stick together this year.

But on this next topic we’d ask to you keep it quiet.

By the way, happy birthday to Bachmann, who turns 50 today. (This was also my father’s birthday, and my grandfather’s birthday).