Lost in the hubbub of same-sex marriage on Tuesday was this little nugget tucked faily deep in Art Hughes’ story about crime in Minneapolis

“From my vantage point, when you’ve got people shooting each other in the streets and you’ve got all that money sitting in Neighborhood Revitalization Program and some of the other things they do that aren’t as high a priority, those resources should be redeployed in my view, in the near and intermediate term, on cracking down on this violence in Minneapolis,” Pawlenty said.

Pawlenty says he’s considering further state intervention to quell the violence.

State intervention? Does that mean what I think it means? In an Arne Carlson – Sharon Sayles Belton sort of way? (He threatened to send state troopers into her city, you’ll recall).

Alright! Big showdown between the two big political dudes. They’ve dropped their gloves to the ice and here we go!

Rybak says he looks forward to talking to Pawlenty about the city’s efforts to fight crime.

What? You’re going to… talk?.

A Pawlenty spokesman says the governor wants to meet with Rybak, interim police chief Tim Dolan and other law enforcement officials to see if there are ways the state and city can work together to lower crime.

Go back to your homes, there’s nothing to see here. C’mon, break it up! Go home. The show’s over.

  • anonymous

    Yeah, when I heard that line of Pawlenty’s during ATC about the state intervening to deal with crime in Minneapolis, my first reaction was, to put it succinctly but accurately: WTF? Then I figured it was probably so much grandstanding on the good Gov’s part, which turns out to be the case. Guess Pawlenty couldn’t resist taking a rather cheap verbal shot, but I’m glad to see he’s got more sense than that.