Foodfight in the 6th!

I’m really late getting to this because I’ve been… well… never mind. But the 6th District race is really getting interesting among the Republicans… specifically Phil Krinkie and Jim Knoblach.

Check out this puppy from the Knoblach campaign:


Krinkie put out a press release (and by the way, the Krinkie Web site needs to get itself up to date since the last release posted there is almost a month old) saying:

The reason Phil voted against this huge omnibus bill had nothing to do with

  • Paul

    What with this infighting, and letting weak assumptions about Patty Wetterling (and about what matters to voters) define the issues, the GOP “appears in complete disarray in the 6th.”

    (Sorry, I had to say it).

    Gosh, and to think Rowley and Marko never had a food fight. Makes the 2nd look good by comparison….