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St. Paul Rep. John Lesch is back in town after a quick trip to Iraq, and a U.S. embassy-induced invitation to leave.

A contributor sends along an e-mail Lesch is sending out inviting folks to a party he’s hosting tomorrow night. The e-mail follows:

There once was a man from Saint Paul

To whom some attributed gall;

He went to Iraq, and just now came back,

So pints are in order for all.

Dear friends:

I am happy to report that I am once again on American soil where I cannot legally be wire-tapped. I return to discover that the Vice-President shot a guy in the face. I have not yet read enough back-logged newspapers to yet determine if these first two sentences are correlated.

While I am happy to be back, I leave behind what was unquestionably the most rewarding trip of my life. The stories I have collected would take a lifetime to relay, so I shant bore you with them here. But now that I am no longer cannon fodder in the tabloid wars, I can tell a few uncensored tales or “amusing anecdotes,” as it were. Please join me upstairs at The Happy Gnome (formerly Chang O’Hara’s) tomorrow night (Saturday) at 8 p.m. There will be a good spread, a cash bar and much revelry. Allow this e-mail to serve as your invitation.

A reception for my friends, supporters, detractors and reactors (I love you all)

Hosted by John Lesch

Saturday February 18

8:00 p.m.

The Happy Gnome (formerly Chang O’Hara’s)

498 Selby Ave., in beautiful Saint Paul

I brought spoils of war, so there will be door prizes. Please be prepared to sign in when you arrive.

One more thing. No press will be allowed in. Nothin personal, guys (seriously, I do love you) but I want to enjoy a relaxing evening with my friends who do not carry tape recorders.

Lesch’s blog, Down the Rabbit Hole, is still active and was last updated on Monday.

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